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Growing Our Future Grant

Breckenridge Insurance Agency of Michigan holds a strong philanthropic mission to serve the agricultural community in the best way we can. To further this mission we have founded the "Growing Our Future" grant fund to financially support 4-H and FFA organizations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Rob Fleming, President of Breckenridge Insurance Agency, said, “We have always been passionate about giving back to the agricultural community. By allowing 4-H and FFA leaders to apply for our grants online we can target a wider number of groups and chapters.” When asked about his dedication to these organizations, Fleming replied, “These groups help develop the youth in our community and are very important. Breckenridge Insurance Agency has many customers who have been positively affected by 4-H and FFA. We try to do everything we can to enrich our community.”

This grant was presented for the first time this summer, and all future applications are to be emailed to, mailed to 126 Eaton Street, P.O. Box 548, Breckenridge, MI 48615 or faxed to 



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